The most advanced data storage handler in the universe is also a life-essential element in its purest form, H2O. Water is so much more than two hydrogen atoms bonded to one oxygen atom. As the lifeblood of our planet, water makes an epic journey from source to sea. After the information is downloaded to the sea, the water is purified and brought back to the source through precipitation. This cycle replays many times as water reincarnates to experience new courses over earth. Every molecule holds the memory of the different minerals it’s flowed over, the medley of elements it’s been in contact with, and the hydrophilic surfaces it’s progressed past.


The mission of Aqua Dynamics Co is to bring nature’s most exemplary water to aware and health-conscious consumers. Through public awareness campaigns, we look to communicate the importance of clean and natural water. We aren’t focusing on the water that meets the standards; we are committed to water that meets perfection, as nature intended.



Viktor Schauberger | The Water Genius


“Blood of the Earth” is how Austrian Philosopher, Viktor Schauberger, recognized water and all the power it holds. He arguably understood water better than anyone in recorded history. 

“The upholder of the cycles which sustain all Life is water. In every drop of water dwells a deity who indeed we all serve,” Schauberger so eloquently stated. 

As a young man, Schauberger tended to over 10,000 hectares of forest land, and this was the inspiration and place where his study of water began. He was fascinated by water’s ability to purify it’s surrounding areas and realized that the more vortices created, the more influential the water became. With no college education, he revolutionized our modern understanding of water and brought awareness to a topic that, until him, received very little attention. 

Schauberger lived by the motto, “Kapieren und kopieren,” or “comprehend and copy nature.” He used observation, mathematics, and intuition to create biomimicry. Schauberger recognized two forms of motion that naturally occur; outward movement breaks down in the expanding flow, and inward or spiraling motion builds energy. 

Schauberger worked on many devices and apparatus that dealt with movement, and he found simplicity in motion to create pure and healthy water. He needed only the correct shape, ideal temperature, and gravity, and he found he could bring purity to any water. Today we call it structured water, meaning the molecular arrangement of water is hexagonally structured by interacting with hydrophilic or water-loving surfaces. 

During WWII, many scientists were working on technologies in explosion. However, Schauberger worked on the science of implosion. Implosion looks at the instance of water collapsing in on itself or drawing to the center, thus becoming what we now know as structured. In his quest to understand implosion, he incorporated the egg-shape to generate what he called ‘fructigenic’ energies, which he believed stimulated plant growth as the egg represents natural harmony and creative potential.  

After the war, Schauberger intensely focused on improving agricultural yields through water and soil technology. Now incorporating new materials that interact with soil and water differently, he was producing products that caught the attention of American men who aimed to capitalize on his brilliance. Once these men saw that he was working on a home-energy generator known as the trout turbine, they brought him to the United States. The deal did not end well for Schauberger. Now with all of his prototypes, plans, and models in the hands of others, he returned home penniless and broken-hearted. Schauberger passed away just five days later, leaving his legacy to his son and later his grandson. 

It is Aqua Dynamics Company’s mission to continue the work of bringing perfect water to the world and educating individuals on just how powerful water positively is. We know Viktor Schauberger’s words to be true:

“The revelation of the secret of water will put an end to all manner of speculation or expediency and their excrescences, to which belong war, hatred, impatience, and discord of every kind. The thorough study of water, therefore, signifies the end of monopolies, the end of all domination in the truest sense of the word and the start of a socialism arising from the development of individualism in its most perfect form.”

-Viktor Schauberger

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