The most advanced data storage handler in the universe is also a life-essential element in its purest form, H2O. Water is so much more than two hydrogen atoms bonded to one oxygen atom. As the lifeblood of our planet, water makes an epic journey from source to sea. After the information is downloaded to the sea, the water is purified and brought back to the source through precipitation. This cycle replays many times as water reincarnates to experience new courses over earth. Every molecule holds the memory of the different minerals it’s flowed over, the medley of elements it’s been in contact with, and the hydrophilic surfaces it’s progressed past.


The mission of Aqua Dynamics Co is to bring nature’s most exemplary water to aware and health-conscious consumers. Through public awareness campaigns, we look to communicate the importance of clean and natural water. We aren’t focusing on the water that meets the standards; we are committed to water that meets perfection, as nature intended.



Aqua Dynamics Perfect Alkaline Water

From Tap to Terrific

How Aqua Dynamics turns your tap water into terrific alkaline water in 4 steps

 The Aqua Dynamics water filtration system is a simple yet revolutionary way to turn your contaminated tap water into the purest, healthiest form of water available: ancient, alkaline water. This is the kind of pure, natural spring water our pre- industrial revolution ancestors would have had access to, sans any contaminants. While our customers are experiencing the health benefits of this pure, original water, very few understand the unique process we’ve scientifically developed to achieve this miracle. So we wanted to give you a short primer on how we take you from tap to terrific.

1.  Pre-Filter Water Filtration

During the pre-filter filtration process, we use two separate filter steps that pass the water through multiple different filtering media. These steps remove contaminants down to 5 microns from the water. Some of the things we take out during this process include rust, sand, dirt, dust, chlorine, chloramine, bacteria, pathogens, viruses, etc. By taking all of these things out of the water first, we prepare the water to enhance the effectiveness of the next step: reverse osmosis.

2.  Reverse Osmosis

The reverse osmosis (RO) step removes any remaining total dissolved solids (TDS) down to .001 microns, which is smaller even than viruses and bacteria. This ensures there are virtually no solids of any kind left in the water. Of course, there are still even smaller chemical contaminants present in the form of gasses and liquids. These also need to be removed through the next step: ion exchange.

3.  Ion Exchange

Typical tap water contains everything from nitrates, pharmaceuticals, acids, disinfection by-products, pathogens, trihalomethanes, and more. These contaminants usually flow right through conventional water filtration processes, but Aqua Dynamics removes even these things from your water through its ion exchange (IE) filter. After the ion exchange process, you have nothing but H2O left over, with excess hydrogen and carbon dioxide. This is the “dead” state of water. To “revive” it, we add a fourth step: remineralization.

4.  Remineralization

As this re-engineered water passes through the remineralization filter, the excess CO2 strips hydroxide salts (minerals) from the filter. These minerals include magnesium and trace amounts of sodium, potassium and calcium. The free hydrogen left in the water binds to these hydroxide salts and minerals, creating bicarbonate salts. This automatically raises the pH level of the water all by itself. This chemical process creates stable, remineralized water that will stay stable all year long without losing any of its essential minerals.

A Note About pH

A lot of people talk about the pH of water and how it can impact health. The fact is that pre-industrial-revolution river or spring water was already alkaline. Reaching a true level of alkalinity today is a by-product of clean water done right. As you drink the water, your stomach acids will neutralize the pH immediately. Your stomach has a low buffering capacity for acids. So, it’s not actually the pH that matters as much as the bicarbonate salts contained in the remineralized water. These minerals are what improve your body’s pH levels overall.

Your body creates some bicarbonate salts, but often not enough to buffer the acids we all encounter from day to day. The wonder of Aqua Dynamics water is that it introduces bioavailable bicarbonate salts to your body. This makes it easier for your body to catch up with creating its own bicarbonate salts, helping your system remain in homeostasis as much as possible.

This reduces the stress on your entire body as it no longer has to filter the contaminants out of your tap water, and this pure water provides nourishing minerals that your body needs to maintain proper cellular balance.

Aqua Dynamics: Pure Water for a Healthy Life

Today’s tap water is full of things that harm our bodies: acids, heavy metals, pathogens, nitrates, pharmaceuticals, disinfection byproducts, chlorine, chloramine, arsenic, fluoride, trihalomethanes, dirt, rust and so many more things nobody wants their families to drink. The revolutionary Aqua Dynamics filtration system takes away all of those solid, liquid and gaseous contaminants, leaving you with pure, ancient, remineralized water that truly nourishes your body down to the cellular level.

Remineralized with optimal levels of bicarbonate salts to balance your body’s pH, ancient water helps your body neutralize all of the acids it encounters on a daily basis, whether it’s through the environment, food, beverages or medications. We remineralize with magnesium as the primary element because it binds to and removes heavy metals and other contaminants while boosting more than 300 other metabolic functions in your body. Not only will you taste the Aqua Dynamics difference, but your body will feel amazing as well. Contact us today to learn how easy it is to start enjoying pure, ancient water, glass after delicious glass.


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