The most advanced data storage handler in the universe is also a life-essential element in its purest form, H2O. Water is so much more than two hydrogen atoms bonded to one oxygen atom. As the lifeblood of our planet, water makes an epic journey from source to sea. After the information is downloaded to the sea, the water is purified and brought back to the source through precipitation. This cycle replays many times as water reincarnates to experience new courses over earth. Every molecule holds the memory of the different minerals it’s flowed over, the medley of elements it’s been in contact with, and the hydrophilic surfaces it’s progressed past.


The mission of Aqua Dynamics Co is to bring nature’s most exemplary water to aware and health-conscious consumers. Through public awareness campaigns, we look to communicate the importance of clean and natural water. We aren’t focusing on the water that meets the standards; we are committed to water that meets perfection, as nature intended.





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Aqua Dynamics Co. has taken eminent water science and technology and planted it in an affordable, easy to use apparatus. This product turns any water into perfect drinking water.

The Perfect Water System focuses on providing water that is precisely what a human needs for optimal hydration, mineralization, ideal for health and healing.

We want everyone to have access to perfect water right in their home. That is why we have worked to simplify the process. Buy online, and ships fast, easy to install, easy to enjoy. Should you have any further questions, look through our FAQs. If that does not fulfill your needs, please contact us.

We have a 30-day money-back guarantee, and we are confident that you will enjoy your Perfect Water System. Should you need to return it for any reason within that 30-days, contact us. We will send you a return label, and you can send all parts of the unit back. If your system becomes damaged in the shipping process, we will work to fix the problem as quickly as possible.
Once you have completed your order, you will receive a shipment tracking number via email, unique to your shipped items. There you will find an expected delivery date, and you will have the ability to see your package’s movement.
As part of our quality control, we do wish to make sure that your shipped package has made it into your hands. For that reason, we do require someone to sign for the package, so send it to a location you know you can be available for receiving.
We are an American based, American made company that is doing our best to bring our nation perfect water. If you are looking to buy one of our Perfect Water Systems from overseas, we do apologize. We are a growing company and plan to expand in the future, but for now, we are servicing the United States of America only.

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