The most advanced data storage handler in the universe is also a life-essential element in its purest form, H2O. Water is so much more than two hydrogen atoms bonded to one oxygen atom. As the lifeblood of our planet, water makes an epic journey from source to sea. After the information is downloaded to the sea, the water is purified and brought back to the source through precipitation. This cycle replays many times as water reincarnates to experience new courses over earth. Every molecule holds the memory of the different minerals it’s flowed over, the medley of elements it’s been in contact with, and the hydrophilic surfaces it’s progressed past.


The mission of Aqua Dynamics Co is to bring nature’s most exemplary water to aware and health-conscious consumers. Through public awareness campaigns, we look to communicate the importance of clean and natural water. We aren’t focusing on the water that meets the standards; we are committed to water that meets perfection, as nature intended.



Creating the Paradigm Shift: How We View Water.

Aqua Dynamics Co. is committed to lead a movement that shifts the mass collective consciousness, to trust and adopt perfect water to heal and treat every human body.

Aqua Dynamics Co. is a collection of people who built a common bond in the fascination of three simple molecules and the power they hold as H2O. These passionate individuals come from all different backgrounds, all uniquely talented in their art. As they all began to brainstorm about how to change the world by offering households and individuals perfect water as simplistic as nature intended, they found several truths that directed them toward a goal of education about the brilliance of water.

Their truths:  Perfect water is achievable, but it was crucial to take into consideration that water has memory. To get water in a state as nature intended, one must first erase the memory of corrosive materials, human-produced chemical constructs, and the unnatural flow of municipal plumbing systems. Once the water has maintained its neutral state, it is lifeless. To take water to its life-bringing and full healing potential, it needs to be reintroduced to vital minerals, brought to ion and pH perfection, then restructured to emulate water cascading over natural surfaces. 

The other truth discovered: the water purification and filtration industry is a source of scattered information. The industry may be working to achieve the same goal of water perfection, but have not equipped themselves with a proper understanding of the behaviors of water. Many of the techniques used will only satisfy the test results without inherently changing the water. Other industry leaders are working towards accomplishing a marketing claim and not delivering perfect water at all.

From this understanding, Aqua Dynamics Co. decided a paradigm shift needed to take place, and they have the team to take on such a bold task. The passionate team promptly strives to bring nature’s most exemplary water to health-conscious consumers as well as guide individuals to the value of perfect drinking water. Included in the journey of delivering pure and alive water is a broad spectrum of information. The public will learn just what clean drinking water really can be. Highlighted will be some of the breakthroughs the industry has seen, erroneous marketing language, and continue to be on the cutting edge of water science and technology. 


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